I'm so excited to receive the Suspense Street stories my students have been working tirelessly on! I will have them all turned in to me this coming Wednesday and Thursday, yippee! I'm very proud of the writing my Sophomores and Seniors have been creating and whittling for a few weeks now.

A final wish for my students: Make them great guys, make them yours! Turn them in with pride!
Greetings parents and guardians of my fabulous Glencoe students,

Welcome to room 212 Language Arts with Mrs. Greblo! I'm so very pleased and proud to spend this school year with your student.

I would like for you to know that my website is a resource for you too. Your student can use it for downloading the lesson taught that day if they missed part of the class period or more. Both you and your student can use it to contact me too.

I welcome emails from parents (they are the easiest to respond to given my schedule) and phonecalls. I appreciate the relationship of the teacher with the parent. Please feel free to enlist my help or insight at any time.

High school is a very emotional, exciting and life shaping experience and I do my very best to create a long lasting connection with your student through learning so that this experience is 'positive'-ly memorable. Thank you for being here this evening and experiencing the schedule your student follows on a daily basis.

Have an excellent week!
- Mrs. Greblo
Whew! What a whirlwind day we just had! We accomplished our first "menu" day together, if your head's not spinnin' then you must've absent!

So, I just have to say that my Sophomores look astute and ready for a killer year. My Juniors have a lot of fierce spunk and truly appear ready for whatever this year is going to throw their way. Lastly, my seniors seem like a down-to-earth bunch who are ready to put this year in gear already and work through it in record time to earn their ultimate graduation!

Honestly, after meeting all of my students on their first day back from a short and sweet Summer I couldn't be more optimistic about this year. And for the record,  I'm stoked. I'm uber excited and jazzed about the cool peeps I've been scheduled to hang out with  for ninety minutes every other school day this year! We are going to tackle some big ideas, a handful of big authors/playwrights, and of course spend quite a bit of time doing some big writing.

My wish for this school year:
May this year be better than the last and may I grow into an even better teacher and help as many students learn the skills vital for movement in the adult world: reading, writing, and speaking.

Here we go!
I've been placed in the lovely, room 212 for this school year. I must say after teaching on a "cart" for a year and sharing five different classrooms with other teachers that it's great to have my own space to create into the ideal learning environment that i've always wanted for my students.

SO, ya'll I did just that! I've probably spent a total of 70+ hours of my summer: painting, gutting, scraping, thrifting, spray painting, gluing, decopaging, sewing, stapling, cutting, arranging, and moving into this truly...sacred space. I've never spent so much time getting one room ready for students before and I think I did it because I wanted to continue to teach who I am and I had to do that in a space that looked appealing and felt calming.

I want to welcome you all to your learning space and just say that i'm so proud to be your teacher this year and to learn with you! Please be mindful as you move through this space of the unpaid hours and dollars and cents I put into creating it for us and treat it with the same respect as you treat me and yourself, as this space is as much yours as it is mine. Cheers!